Know How to Prepare Aloe Vera Juice 

Aloe Vera gel comes from inside the leaves of Aloe herb, a plant that looks much like a cactus. It has several health benefits. It has been used widely all over the world as an herbal medicine since long past. Even in modern medical science aloe Vera is very popular and a number of life-giving medicines are prepared using this herb. Do you know how to make aloe vera juice?

But the products generally available in the market are mostly prepared with some chemical preservatives to make the product last long. As a result the products do not remain hundred percent natural. To experience its valuable healing properties to the fullest many people plant it in their personal gardens too. If you have some mature Aloe Vera plants in your garden or on a pot in the balcony, you can also plan to learn how to make Aloe Vera juice quite easily following some simple steps. It can often serve you as an herbal medicine or even fulfill your cosmetic needs.

  • Gather everything beforehand that you may need to complete the preparation. Fresh Aloe Vera gel, once exposed to air oxidizes very quickly. So it is crucial to draw and preserve the gel instantly.
  • Harvest the leaves of mature Aloe Vera herbs. Prefer to cut the leaves at the bottom of the plant provided they look quite fresh and healthy. Trim the thorns off very carefully and gently wash the leaves with cold water so that the sap drains away. Never forget to make it clear from dust or any dirty material and bacteria.
  • Divide the Aloe leaves into two halves and scoop out the transparent gel with a spoon from the inner portion of either side of the leaves.
  • Add some oranges, grapefruits or any other citrus juice to the exposed Aloe Vera gel and blend the mixture using a blender for around two to three minutes. Adding the citrus juice increases the taste of the gel.
  • When you blood clots during pregnancy complete blending the juice, pour it in a sterilized airtight plastic or glass food container and put it in the refrigerator for an hour or two. Give it some time to stabilize into the container. Generally dark green or brown color containers are mostly used as they prevent light from penetrating inside.
  • The Aloe Vera juice you have prepared can be helpful even in the natural state. Still if you feel any unpleasant flavor you can tone it down with other mixtures. Pour two tablespoonful of the Aloe Vera gel into a glass and dilute it with water to make a glass of Aloe Vera Juice. You can also use any natural juice instead of water to enjoy an added flavor. Know how to make aloe juice!

Thus you can enjoy your homemade 100% natural Aloe Vera juice. You can preserve it in a cool and dry place. It remains fresh for almost a week. But if you want to derive the highest health benefits out of it, you should take it within two or three days. Consume it in a regular basis and keep the doctor away.