How to taste when we have cold, why I can't taste anything while having cold 

It is naturally that when we are not enjoying good health its mean when we are suffering from fever, coughing or some other disease we do not kick any thing for eat even we have no interest to speak with others and would like to live alone and hungry, but as this we can not find the way to solve this problem. There are so much s foods which could be eaten while we are not enjoying good health . When we re suffering from sore throat there frequent urination in women will be lot of pain to our throat that we do not like to have some thing to eat and do like to be hungry, at that time the taste of our tongue is to bad that even we can not taste any home made thing then how much tasty is he cooked but not for such person, and he would like to drink just water instead of any other thing. So it was the reason why can't I taste anything when I have cold; it is very painful for a person having cold but he has to face this problem powerfully and should eat some thing even he do not want to eat this and there could also be a such stage when he will consider the food as a poison for him but he will be repelled to eat this by hook or by cook.

Now the other main question is how to taste when you have a cold, it is also considered a very big task to do this and he eat good food which is tasty for a person at that time and he also eat such foods happily, the juice is a major diet during cold and the suffer person also enjoy this. During a cold our all eating depend upon smelling as the taste of our tong is not good this time and the nose is also affected so we can not taste and smell at that time, and all of us know that the food is other name of taste, this time he can not taste sour, spicy and sweet and not smell also so it is creating a big problem for his eating. If a man has a big power of smelling and taste even during cold then he could eat so many home made things, especially liquid things in which top of the list is soup and it also be good for the treatment of his sour throat and other liquid things also.

So I must say that even during a cold we can also eat different things which we want but the condition is same that we must have strong smelling and tasting power as food is combination of these both things, and even a good health people should improve their smelling as well as tasting power and it will also be help them if they suffer from cold any time and they will not be in the trouble of eating as others