How to control diverticulitis 

When bacteria and waste matter are trapped in diverticula's (pouch) person gets suffer in diverticulitis. On large intestine many patients have small pouches called as diverticula's. These pouches usually occur in lower portion of large intestine. When pouches cause irritation this diseased situation is known as diverticulitis.

Due to this deposition blockage occurs and blood supply to this area is also stopped and causes problem. In severe cases tissues raptures in normal conditions tissue become infected. Patient with diverticulitis suffer in pain in lower abdomen, fever, chills, nausea, etc. Severity of pain varies usually pain starts suddenly. Patient can suffer in worse pain. Usually tenderness in left side of abdomen occurs in this situation. Nearly 25 percent of patients suffer in rectal bleeding. In the left side of large intestine diverticulitis mostly occurs. And this is three more in men as compared to women.

Some hard foods are difficult to digest they cause more inflammation and make the situation more badly. In this situation you should rest your colon with liquid diets and use antibiotics which control the inflammation. Sometimes situation becomes severe and surgery is recommended by doctors.

Foods to avoid if you have diverticulitis hard foods which take more time in digestion they should be avoided such as sunflower, caraway, nuts, pumpkin, sesame seeds, corn these should be avoided. According to physicians these foods can enter in diverticulitis and block it and cause more irritation for patient. However scientific data in this favor is less available. The seeds of some foods like cucumber, raspberries, tomatoes, poppy and strawberries are found to be harmless. You should use light foods in this situation and don't do for those foods which take labia cyst more time in digestion. If anyone has diverticulitis what not to eat, and what routine needs to be followed is important to be determined.

In this situation you should eat those foods which are friendly for your digestive system and help in the elimination of wastes. Research recommends that foods rich in high fiber are very beneficial in this situation and help in the complete elimination of waste. Due to these foods elimination of wastes is regulated. And the formation of diverticulitis is also controlled due to foods rich in fiber content. Fiber can be taken from different fruits and vegetables these help in better digestion and are also rich in antioxidants which increases your immunity against various infections. Avoid increase the uptake of fibrous foods abruptly but it is recommended that gradually increase the uptake of fibrous foods. Rapid increase of fibrous foods may cause diarrheas, cramping or bloating etc. These foods are beneficial for prevention of heart diseases and are also helpful in controlling of various health problems. These foods are also rich in various essential vitamins like vitamin A, C, and vitamin E and are quite beneficial against cancer.

Some fibers are insoluble and need fluid to function. In the presence of fluid these form stools which are then passed easily. Various fiber supplements are also available in market and provide rich amount of fiber. Usually these supplements are mixed with water and are than taken.