Difference between leg cramp and blood clot 

Parker is a student of engineering He is also a good runner. At the end of last summer he suffered pain in his left leg. He did not give it very much importance as muscle cramp is very normal. But after four weeks of unbearable pain, this ended with a dangerous blood clot and eventually it needed medication. People who suffer blood clots sometimes mix the symptoms with the sign of muscle cramps of the calf. Also this is really alarming that half of total number of people with blood clots in the leg suffer no symptom until the clot disrupts and move towards the lungs.

Symptoms due to clot:

A blood clot is a blockage in deep vein .Puffiness of the leg or only along a vein in the leg is the most widely believe symptom of blood clot. Additionally, a sensitivity of pain during the movement like walk or stand, greater balminess in the painful space ,reddish skin or skin yellowing are also after effect of having blood clots.

Symptoms due to cramp:

On the contrary, cramping actually effects more than one place of your body, including in both legs. So, we can say easily and confidently that, if you notice symptoms only in one leg, it must be blood clot .Furthermore, cramp does not result redness in skin or discolouring skin and tenderness in skin. Also cramp will quit with the passing of time. You can bear the pain of muscle cramp but cannot tolerate the pain of clot.


Possibility of having blood clots increase with taking certain medications. Using birth control pill or supplementary hormone medications upgrade the risk of blood clot. Also treatments of cancer, inactivity for long time, former injury, pregnancy, having catheter and overage also rises the risk of blood clot. Sometimes illness or injury also increases the chance of having blood clots. Unattended any blood infection similarly make high the risk of clotting the blood. Blood clot raises the risk of heart problems and lots of severe diseases. Blood clots also very itchy ears common after surgery.

On the other hand, muscle cramp usually doesn't lead to any dangerous disease. Some tactful massage, pouring hot water or use of some elastic bandage, proper rest helps to get rid of it.

The risk factors of having blood clot are extreme. So, whenever you feel there are resemble of your pain with the blood clot symbol, consult with physician immediately .Overweight, smoking or having history of blood clots also increase the risk of blood clots.